Successfully launched a national multi-media advertising campaign for which increased brand awareness and sales for their 8,200 national store network. Created and launched a 600 store Grand Opening multi-media campaign nationwide.

Results: a 72% sales increase in the first month.

Dollar General’s Executive Marketing team hired George Piliouras & Associates to write and produce a presentation for their annual Nationwide District Managers meeting. We came up with the idea of producing a live show to showcase their core customer groups, wrote scripts, and hired actors to bring the presentation to life on stage. We wrote and produced music videos to introduce the different customer profiles and create a dramatic introduction. Then, projected them on video walls on stage. This live presentation was choreographed with a presentation given by the President of Dollar General.

Results: Dollar General’s CEO said that he never saw a presentation brought to life in such a powerful, dramatic way! The powerful results from the presentation laid the foundation for all marketing, advertising and future communications for Dollar General.