Broken chain

What if?

Broken chain

People work extremely hard to make ends meet with the hope of getting ahead. While our economy has rebounded, it’s still strained and we continue to have job layoffs and home foreclosures due to job losses and skyrocketing health care costs leaving families destitute.

We work hard to provide for our families, pay our home mortgages, car payments, gas, health benefits, electricity, heating, groceries, clothes, cable, telephone service, college costs, and more. Gas prices have come down in recent months, but still continue to cripple our wallets as oil companies post all-time high profits. The cost of sending our children to college is out of control while there is no improvement to the quality of education. In the nine months that it took my daughter to research a college, apply, get accepted, get her first bill for tuition/room and board, the costs had increased three times. By the time her third year rolled around, costs had increased by 20%. We live in a world where we idolize movie stars, athletes, musicians and celebrities only because they’re famous. And their fame makes them millions every year at our expense.

Everything is fueled by money. Everything. Oil companies who produce the gas for our cars, need our money to exist.  Hollywood stars, athletes and celebrities need our money to exist and the cost of going to the movies, a concert or a ball game is ridiculous.They get multi-million dollar contracts because movie companies, sports franchises and their owners are counting on these bigger than life “heroes” to attract millions of people to see them perform on the screen, on a ball field, at a show. When millions of people go to the movies, concerts, shows or sports events, these companies and celebrities rake in millions and millions of dollars.

So why are costs rising in so many areas? Supply and demand. As long as there is a demand for these things, the institutions that control costs will continue to supply you with what you want and the price they want to affix to it.

What if there was something you could do to reduce the costs of college, buying gas, going to the movies, taking your family to a ball game, or going to a concert? Would you act on it?

I read an article some years ago that stated that if everyone in the United States boycotted the NFL for one day, they would go bankrupt. Just one day. If that’s true, that’s an amazing testimony to the power and influence that people can have. One bee can hurt. A million bees will kill.

What if for one day, no one went to the movies. Not one movie, anywhere. What if for one day, no one attended a professional sporting event ? Not one game, football, baseball, basketball, hockey. Nothing. What if on one day, no one across the US bought gas at all. Not one drop in any city, not in any state. What if next year everyone refused to apply to colleges and Universities across the US? What if students who were enrolled didn’t do back. They just said, “no.”

Radical thoughts? Or a powerful way for consumers to say, I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore! The bottom line is that our unbridled consumption of these goods and services gives companies and institutions permission to charge us whatever they want. Why? Because we continue to consume the same amount of goods regardless of the cost.

It’s time for us as consumers to fight back. One person or a group of people won’t make a dent to change climbing prices. If thousands or millions of people band together and just say no, things will change. Companies and Institutions will be forced to listen.  As a unified people in these United States we will let our voices and our wallets be heard. Remember, one bee will hurt. One million will cause drastic action.

What if our priorities were different? What if more money went into educating our children, to teachers, skilled laborers and everyday hard-working people? What if money went to repair broken cities, turn-around neighborhoods, fight poverty, encourage the arts, help people with life-threatening illnesses and diseases, fix roads or help the homeless? 

Talk to your family members, co-workers, neighbors. Set up websites, blogs, whatever it takes, but let’s unify ourselves to make a difference. Companies, celebrities, sports figures, Wall Street,colleges and all institutions will be forced to listen. Take a stand, make a real difference and fight back until costs are brought under control.

It’s time. I’m ready, are you?