Detroit. WINNING.

Detroit, going through tough times, digging our heels in, working hard to rebound, on the move. Our great city is filled with a proud pasts, tons of talent, and great hopes for a bright future. Detroit is transparent, the whipping boy of the media for so long, but everyone loves a winner. Which is why we all knew what Eminem meant when he said, “This is what we do.” We’re tough, we’re weathered, we know hard work, and don’t take lightly, people who try to take advantage of the underdog. Not us. So the big question is why Charlie Sheen, deemed Detroit a target market for his “performance.” Does he think that Detroiter’s know the true worth of his talent? Does he think that Detroit will understand and sympathize with him, after all, we know what it feels to be an underdog, right? Or does he think we’re that starved for media attention that he can simply walk in here, make an announcement, create an act of self-defiance, and we’ll line up to pay to watch him self-destruct, with our hard-earned money as we struggle to stay in our homes? Would Detroit, pay a multi-millionaire cry-baby, who trashed his career, along with his cast and crew, because he has no self-control? A guy who is fighting for custody of his children so they can be in the care of his goddesses, or porn stars, as described in the dictionary?  Or, is Detroit smarter than that? I hope so. It’s an insult to Detroit to welcome him here, celebrity style. Detroit is made up of real winners. People who know hard work, and work hard to right wrongs of the past. WINNING! True underdogs who have pride and don’t allow fakes and posers to take advantage of our work ethic. Which is why Detroit should send a loud message to Charlie Sheen and boycott his “performance.” Chrysler’s new line is perfect, “Imported from Detroit.” Which is why Charlie Sheen should be exported from Detroit.

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