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Is This Heaven?

  The early July sun made my eyes squint. The air was crisp. The wind gently washes my face as the lull of water swirls below our balcony at our favorite place, the Chippewa Hotel. From my perfect perch on the third floor deck,  I gazed at the breathtaking Catamaran pulling into Arnold’s dock at the pier […]


As we move through life, we reflect often. We all have a place from our pasts that gave us solitude, a place where you were allowed to just be a kid.  I had one of those places growing up. Located just down the hill from my old elementary school, and up the street from my old house. […]

Get Real.

  We live in a world where we connect and engage by texting, facebook, face time, tweets, blogs, e-mail, smart phones and we are empowered in all things technological. We might feel empowered, and connected but sometimes we’re not. Especially when it comes to family. Sometimes, we really live in an artificial, communication world. Last weekend in Hamilton […]

Made in America.

We’ve become desensitized to tragedy as a result of the constant barrage of current events, have become a society who for the most part, is fazed by nothing. On September 11, 2001, all of that changed. In an instant. A day in time when the earth stood still. We all remember where we were that day. We […]


Here’s an interesting FACT: In a recent survey, almost no business owners understood the difference between Features and Benefits in advertising.This is one of the main reasons most small-business owners marketing efforts don’t work. So, what’s the result of not knowing? Small-business owners only communicate the features of their product or service and NEGLECT TO MENTION THE […]


In my career, I discovered that one of the key ingredients to being extremely influential in business was my ability to speak with authority, conviction and to make a passionate connection with my clients. I developed a presentation style filled with excitement, passion and enthusiasm which kept me in top demand with clients. Did you […]

Detroit. WINNING.

Detroit, going through tough times, digging our heels in, working hard to rebound, on the move. Our great city is filled with a proud pasts, tons of talent, and great hopes for a bright future. Detroit is transparent, the whipping boy of the media for so long, but everyone loves a winner. Which is why […]

So what’s new?

This past few months have been a blur. New assignments, new clients, new awareness and creative directed a book cover that’s been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Very new.  Also new, George Piliouras & Associates were recently awarded with a Sunrise Pinnacle Award for “Best of the Best” in Advertising and Marketing for 2010. It […]

360 Thinking

Do you use 360 degree thinking when marketing or advertising your business? If yes, good for you. If not, why not or better yet, do you know what 360 degree thinking is? In the past, advertisers dictated to a captive audience. Advertisers spoke, people listened. TV campaigns had radio spots to go along and prints […]

A lot has happened…how about you?

It’s been a while since I’ve trafficked here. I read many, post much, write constantly, but have neglected my own. So much is going on in the world of George Piliouras & Associates. Working with new companies to help brand them, coordinating efforts with other respectable companies and joining forces in an ever changing landscape, […]