360 Thinking

Do you use 360 degree thinking when marketing or advertising your business? If yes, good for you. If not, why not or better yet, do you know what 360 degree thinking is? In the past, advertisers dictated to a captive audience. Advertisers spoke, people listened. TV campaigns had radio spots to go along and prints ads that followed. Now, we live in a world with people on the go constantly and the consumers are in total control of the media. In 360 degree thinking, the idea is the central component and all other media stem from that. Websites, blogs, twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, Banners, all things digital, newsletters, press releases, radio, webinars, tv, outdoor and the list goes on. There is no one way to market and advertise, but a multitude of ways. Then, all of the different media have to have consistency and continuity to one another so your company brand is speaking from one voice. Make sense? Big ad agencies know this and offer these kinds of resources to clients. But not everyone can afford the big agencies so what’s out there for the other clients who need that kind of thinking but don’t have the big budgets?

If you have different sources performing these communication functions for you without a central, creative point of view to make your message and imaging unified, “Houston, we have a problem!” Your messages will be all over the place, one won’t know what the other is doing and when and your branded look will be a mess. What the solution?

George Piliouras & Associates offers Big Agency Thinking and Ideas without the Big Agency cost. Prior to opening George Piliouras & Associates, I was the Executive Creative Director at J.Walter Thompson advertising. I understand what it takes to stand out in the market, I successfully help our clients enjoy the creative and marketing benefits of the big agency experience, but I do it at a fraction of the cost. How do I do that? Check out our website at http://www.gpiliourasandassoc.com. Check out what we’ve done, check out what we do, check out what people like Toby Keith had to say , then call me.

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