Here’s an interesting FACT: In a recent survey, almost no business owners understood the difference between Features and Benefits in advertising.This is one of the main reasons most small-business owners marketing efforts don’t work. So, what’s the result of not knowing? Small-business owners only communicate the features of their product or service and NEGLECT TO MENTION THE BENEFITS. That’s not good because features don’t sell, benefits SELL!

FEATURES are factual statements about a product or service being promoted. When you promote only the features, you’re making your customer do all of the work to figure out what’s in it for them?

However, a BENEFIT answers the question “What’s in it for me?” The best way to truly understand the true benefit of your product or service is to FOCUS ON THE RESULTS OF THE BENEFIT. It’s critically important to apply this thinking to your business.

You have to know your customer to effectively communicate to them. For demographics, I recommend gathering as much data as possible: age, sex, household income, family size, media preferences. Equally important are your customer’s psychographics: Their value system, hot buttons, behavior style, fears and passions.

Next, list the features of your product or service and ask yourself – Why does this feature matter to my customer? When you dicover that, you’ll start thinking about how to communicate with that in mind. And finally, what problem or concern can this feature address for my customer? When you can address a problem or conern and offer a solution, you’ll get your customer’s attention.

We have to think in terms of results. When you think of the RESULTS of the BENEFIT, the situation becomes much clearer to your customer. When you use the RESULTSapproach to discovering your business’ benefits, the marketing messages you use to reach your customers will be RIGHT ON TARGET. This will motivate your customer to take action which is exactly what you are motivating them to do.

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In my career, I discovered that one of the key ingredients to being extremely influential in business was my ability to speak with authority, conviction and to make a passionate connection with my clients. I developed a presentation style filled with excitement, passion and enthusiasm which kept me in top demand with clients.

Did you know that more people fear speaking in public more than death? It doesn’t have to be that way. We live in a world where we communicate by texting, Facebook, tweets, blogs, e-mail, and on our cell phones, where we are empowered in all things technological. One thing hasn’t changed. The ability to communicate effectively, speak with authority and present powerfully in meetings is still in high demand in all businesses.

Powerful speaking and presentation skills have proven benefits in the competitive world of business. Professionals of all ages, who master great communication skills get remembered , desired, plus get ahead in business. That’s a fact.

To be successful in presenting, it’s important to learn the critical steps to overcome fear, build confidence, and develop proven skills in powerful communications. Key ingredients to successfully speaking in public are overcoming obstacles, being fully prepared, and discovering your unique personality. You can transform your ability to speak with enthusiasm, clarity, and passion, while engaging your audience.

Words are powerful, stories impact an audience, and using personal stories can be used to wow your audience. From my experience, here are some important areas to consider when speaking in public with confidence.

  • Overcome fear in presenting to an audience
  • Present ideas with conviction.
  • Understand and respect your audience
  • Speak with dynamics that will engage your audience
  • Learn how to use personal “stories” and weave them into your presentation
  • Learn the importance of body language, relaxing, and eye contact
  • Bring your presentations to life
  • Make your topics colorful, exciting and interesting
  • Understand your room dynamics
  • Have a winning, positive attitude when you speak
  • Communicate for success and be in total control
  • Practice, practice, practice

“George is one of the most dynamic presenters I have ever witnessed in my 30 years in this business. I have watched George sell ideas to thousands of Ford Dealers and he’s always been successful. This particular group are some of the best sales people in the world and for him to wow them the way he has is remarkable.”                       – Bob McClowry, Executive Vice President, Teamdetroit.

If your company needs to motivate your teams to learn how to present to clients with great success, I offer group and/or one-on-one coaching. Check out our press release and call to start your teams on the road to speaking success. It won’t kill them, promise.