So what’s new?

This past few months have been a blur. New assignments, new clients, new awareness and creative directed a book cover that’s been nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. Very new.  Also new, George Piliouras & Associates were recently awarded with a Sunrise Pinnacle Award for “Best of the Best” in Advertising and Marketing for 2010. It was a great honor to be recognized by our peers in the business, so what else is new? We also celebrated our 2 year anniversary which is a great accomplishment. It’s hard to believe that I lived a life as an Executive Creative Director for a global ad agency for so many years. Very rewarding, worked on very cool stuff, but there is a vibrancy of owning your own business that is so far, unmatched. That is truly new.

So what else is new? We live in a communications landscape that changes every minute, every day, and it can put you on overload if you let it. The secret is to digest it in pieces and keep it simple. No matter what we’re messaging, people can only handle so much marketing, advertising and communications without tuning you out. They can and they will. Think about it this way. If you went to best restaurant, with the best food and ate too much, you’d still throw up. So keep your messages simple, keep storytelling alive, don’t lecture and encourage a conversation with your audience and create ideas that are outstanding. New technology is great, but if your messages are boring, no one will pay attention. That’s not new.